Sample critML digital workshop set up

Here you can find screen shots that present examples of how the digital work space, using digital whiteboard, was set up for critML workshops.

Right-click and select “Open image in new tab” for better resolution.

Screen grap of Situated Knowledges workshop set up, presenting description, texts and exercises.
Workshop set up for Situated Knowledges workshop
Set up of workshop on figurations.
Set up for workshop on figurations
Diffraction workshop set up (1)
Second part of diffraction workshop set up
Diffraction workshop set up (2)
Critical fabulation and speculation workshop set up frame
Workshop set up for the workshop on critical speculation/fabulation
Screengrab of final presentations of the speculative machine learning systems created by workshop participants. Image shows multiple media, including text, image and video.
Final results of speculative machine learning systems created during the workshops presented on the digital whiteboard